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About us
Global Partner OUTSQUARE, we will be your strong partner to enter the Korean market.
Creator, Breaks the Frame of Thought and Vision, OUTSQUARE Corp.
We provide all services based on BX(brand experience).
OUTSQUARE is a team for customers TF(Task Force), 98% direct executor, Gross Hacking capability, big data utilization, etc.
Eliminate the outdated culture of the existing industry and turn autonomous professionals into your team.

Our performance is like a zero-100. How quickly and safely can the KPI be reached? It’s something we’re always thinking about and thinking about. Proven data analysis skills enable branding and performance based on brand experience. and data analysis by investigating and analyzing brand competition, market changes, and rapidly changing media environments.


The time spent with many clients is a valuable experience and skill of OUTSQUARE. Every-minute creative and endless A/B testing. It most reasonably compromises the needs of advertisers with the individual Wants of completely new consumers. In addition, we realize performance marketing with the best media-mix plan.


Social marketing isn’t evolving, it’s already evolved. We need to target individuals beyond the stage of empathy/communication and create engagement at the same time. No matter how precise targeting is possible, there should be corresponding data analysis. From creative to solid advertising, join the global marketing executor OUTSQUARE.


Founded in 2017 with the integration of the brand, OS is a design service based on BX and already has a history with many clients. Design is marketing, and web/app is one of the most important consumer behavior-inducing panels. We realize the best visualization through BX Insight of OUTSQUARE.


Established ‘JS STARTUP’, ‘MAB’.

Implementation of public projects and support projects
for small business owners and prospective start-ups.
Start-up marketing consultant.
Strengthening SNS marketing services.
Strengthening website development services.


‘NOBISSAN’ design platform launch.

Securing partnerships between mid-sized and large clients besides Lotte Mart.
Image Design Template Service Launch.
Development of big data marketing solutions.
Securing performance professionals.


Brand integration into ‘OUTSQUARE’

Securing lineup of 20 partners and attracting investment companies.
MAB / JS STARTUP / NOBISSAN STUDIO and 2 others incorporated the brand into ‘OUTSQUARE Corp’.
Major project orders other than ‘Woori Bank’.


Growth Hacking System.

Big Data Systems / Customer Management CRM Solutions Enhancement.
Gain more than 80% of the practicable professionals and lead the enterprise.
Rebuild the BX-based branding process.


Business advancement.

OEM/ODM business development.
Introduction of automated work systems.
Obtained 263 cumulative clients.
Building an internal analysis tool system.
Create Revenue Share Services



Our identity
To beyond the ages, Be out of the box!
Breaking the frame of thinking/visual/square is a mission and achievement of us.
We think about every moment, or even this moment,
how to be together as a customer’s partner.
We will do our best to grow together and make a successful project.
TF – Create and move creative teams to suit customer characteristics.
BX – Brand experience has been valued and systemized for all services.
98% – brand consistency has been achieved by eliminating unnecessary agents to run all services directly.
Grosshacking – constantly research and develop ways to drive consumers.
Big Data – No data is available without big data utilization and analysis.